Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Voting for the New Secretary of the SBC

This is a shared post by me and my dad, CJ Adkins.

     We learned late yesterday that Donald Currance of Missouri will be nominated for the position of registration secretary for the Southern Baptist convention. Although we are heartbroken about Jim Wells and his illness, we are also encouraged that someone with the experience Don has is willing to step up into that difficult and important role.

     We have known Don for over 11 years and know him to be a man of great integrity, and one who is very, and I mean very, thorough in any position he has held. Important to this particular nomination is that he has served as an assistant to his dear friend, Jim Wells, for 12 years, and and at three different times has been named Acting Secretary of Registration at various times during Jim's's illness.  

     Don is not the type of fellow who seeks the spotlight and has worked faithfully in the background of Convention life to help maintain the reputation of excellence in the areas of his duties. Many people do not realize how much is involved in this particular position. The role is one that oversees not only the important area of Convention Registration, but also the work of the Credentials and Tellers committees. Don has also served the convention in other areas as well, including serving two 5 year terms as a member of the board of trustees of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

     He is recognized by those who know him as one who has great attention to detail, is faithful to his responsibilities, and is of unquestionable character. He and his wife, Cheta, are the parents of two teenage daughters. 

     To carry on the excellent work that has marked the terms of Jim Wells, we would like to encourage all of our messenger-friends to cast their ballot for Don Currance of Missouri.

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