Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Well Handled Motion

This past summer the Southern Baptist Convention convened in Houston, Texas. On Tuesday, June 11th I offered the following motion from the floor:
“I move that a list of all convention elected trustees (including the name, church, state and term) be made available through the convention website ( preferably through a tab added to the homepage for convenience access.”

On Tuesday, July 2nd I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Augie Boto, Executive Vice-President and General Council to the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. Mr. Boto called to let me know that the website did indeed have what I had been looking for. He took the time to walk me through finding the material and explained that it had been up for a while. After he showed me where to find the information, I must say, felt quite silly. I had looked all over the website for trustee information and came up short. Access to the information was not entirely intuitive but it was there to be viewed.
For those interested, I am happy to announce you can find a complete list of all entity trustees by going to On the homepage, you will find a green banner labeled “Directory of SBC Services.” Click on that banner and a pop-up window will be displayed with information on all SBC services and entities. Under each of the 12 entities for whom the annual convention elects Boards of Trustees you will find a link titled “Trustees” (“Members” for the Executive Committee) to a pdf listing the pertinent information.
A quick check at allowed me to see that sometime between Tuesday December 16th and Thursday, December 18th of 2008 lists of elected trustees were added to the Directory Services pop-up on the homepage. I’d like to thank Mr. Boto for his timely response to my concern (within a month after the convention). I’m also very appreciative for the gracious and personal way he handled my request as well as the way in which he has made himself available to answer my questions. I believe our churches and the messengers to our convention have a friend in Augie Boto.

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